Nybble Hub: Release Notes

Release 2023.06.01 - Sunda Colugo

  • A Nybbler can be both analyst and hunter now
  • improved elastic connector speed

Release 2023.05.01 - Dumbo Octopus

  • client can now download custom logstash configuration to deploy central agent (Elastic By Nybble)
  • internal components global update

Release 2023.02.01 - Babiroussas

  • fixing display glitch on Investigation Details
  • Alerts: clicking on Elastic field opens the SIEM with accurate filter

Release 2023.01.01 - Narval

  • Official support for Elastic (Bring your Own SIEM)

Release 2022.12.01 - Cirrocumulus

  • Nybble Hub mobile edition: all views are now optimized for mobile display

Release 2022.11.01 - Cumulonimbus

  • Implementing APIKEYs per user: you can interact with our API from 3rd party tools
  • Fixing download issues after SSO implementation

Release 2022.10.01 - Altocumulus

  • Single Sign On 🔐 is globally available:
    • clients, analysts and hunters can now access both SIEM(s) and Hub using the same credentials and login only once per browser
    • security enforcement by requiring a 2nd factor authentication (MFA)
    • password reset by receiving a temporary link by mail
  • fixing issue on configuration download

Release 2022.09.01 - Cirrostratus

  • fixing investigation display bug
  • internal quality code review and enhancement
  • 1st release of user guides

Release 2022.08.01 - Nimbostratus

  • settings menu for clients, to download configuration files
  • alerts wiki pages : analysts can contribute by posting an edit suggestion.
  • adding french language
  • fixing CSS issues on small screens
  • users can now edit their profile informations
  • various improvements based on FIC feedback
  • internal components upgrade routine

Release 2022.07.01 - Stratocumulus

Core modules:

  • statistics and dashboards for client
  • hunt campaign and report modules
  • alert management interface
  • investigation interface for clients
  • admin interface